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Branded Web Hosting - A Virtual Opportunity!


A Virtual Opportunity

FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Low Quarterly Rates
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Web Host Manager
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Grow to Unlimited
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! 24X7 WatchDog
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99.9% Host Reliability!

99.9% Host Reliability



Branded Web Hosting

Establish Your Own Web Hosting Company

We can't make it any simpler for entrepreneurs and developers to own and operate their own web hosting company.  It is a lot less expensive than one would believe.  In fact, given what we have to offer, it is downright cheap.  Running a hosting company is also a great opportunity for small web development companies that already have a client base to begin populating their host services.  Why buy individual web hosting packages for each of your development customers?


We've Taken Out The Headaches

Let's face it, not only does it take deep pockets to own and run a data center, it can be ton of headaches and requires a lot of expertise in many IS/IT disciplines.  With FXtra Network, you don't have to purchase or lease a building for your data center, a ton of equipment, nor hire a huge staff.  For a small monthly fee, you can start your own hosting company using an existing web hosting infrastructure.  It'll even be branded with your business name.


Getting Started

To make it even simpler to be you own web hosting company, were offering just two plans to choose from.  Limited and Unlimited.  The only differences between the plans are that with the Limited plan you will be able to support up to 50 websites and the Unlimited is more expensive.  If you are planning on supporting more than 50 websites at the startup, you'll want to consider our Unlimited plan.  Yes, we'll let you upgrade at anytime from our Limited plan to our Unlimited plan.  Use the following guideline to help you decide which plan you need:


  • 10 to 50 Sites - Limited plan, $297/quarter year plus $30 one-time setup.
  • 50 to 300 sites - Unlimited plan, $597/quarter year plus $30 one-time setup.
  • Dedicated Servers - We also offer dedicated servers for enterprise.  Call for current pricing.


Enjoy the tremendous profits possible by becoming a Branded Web Hosting Company.  Contact us to get started today or with any questions you may have.