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FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! One Price $19.95/Mo
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! cPanel Control Panel
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Quad-Core Servers
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! 24X7 WatchDog
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Ultra-Fast Response
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Full-Featured
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Detailed Reporting
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! POP3 Email Servers
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! FTP Accounts
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Sub-Domain Support
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! FrontPage Availability
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! MySQL
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! Fantastico DeLuxe
FXtra, Your Business Image Developers! ECommerce Included

99.9% Host Reliability!

99.9% Host Reliability



Premium Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting from FXtra Network

We can't make your hosting choice any simpler.  FXtra Network offers one single-site hosting package.  It has all the features most web developers look for and more.  For the cost of a few cups of coffee a month more than the cheapest hosts, you can join the others that have come to realize that price isn't all that matters in choosing a host.  Whether you are starting a new website project or are just plain fed up with your current hosting provider, you'll find the FXtra Network's Premium Web Hosting is both reliable and a terrific value.


Getting Started with FXtra Network

To make FXtra Network your premium web hosting provider, all you need to do to get started today is to select a domain name and give us a call.  If you already have a registered domain name we will provide you with the correct name servers to use or we can have your domain name transferred to our registration service.  Our hosting service comes with FREE yearly domain name renewals for .com, .net, and .org TLDs; as long as you host with us and are using our domain name registration service.  Also, we do not charge you for setup, it's FREE!


Highlights of The Premium Advantage

The advantages of FXtra Networks Premium Web Hosting are quite numerous.  Here are some of the important advantages you'll want to look for when comparing with other web host services:


  • FREE NIC Registration - We don't charge you additional fees for registration, transfer or renewals of your domain name (applies to .com, .net, and .org TLDs only), they're already included in our hosting fee.
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee - If, within the first 14 days of service you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will cancel your account and refund your money. ( Registration fees are non-refundable. )
  • Quarterly Invoicing and Auto-Pay Availability - Quarterly invoicing allows us to keep our hosting rates low and saves time for both you and us.  We also have an Auto-Pay plan that insures you'll never be late on your hosting payment.
  • cPanel Control Panel - Industry leading site configuration and management software application.  cPanel employs fully automated point-and-click website management that simplifies tasks associated with managing your website.  Demo available on request.
  • ECommerce Included - You don't have to incur extra exorbitant monthly fees to run a shopping cart.  You receive a choice of carts to choose from that includes CubeCart, OS Commerce and Zen Cart.
  • Site Builder Included - If you're the DIY type, Site Builder will help you build your site quickly.
  • Open Realty Included - If you're are a Realtor, Open Realty will help you create and manage your realty website.
  • POP3 Email Accounts - Not only do you have your own mail server (e.g.; mail.mydomain.com), it supports as many email accounts as you need.  Mail server comes with SpamAssassin that you can set spam filtering aggressiveness to the level of monitoring that's best for you.
  • Full Suite of Fantastico De Luxe Applications - Enable calendars, photo libraries, classified ads, polls, surveys, forums, blogs, shopping carts, auctions, and more on your website.
  • Site Statistics included - Choose from Webalizer, Awstats, or Analog Stats and keep track of how your website is performing.  Find out what keywords are getting people to your site.  Find out how many visitors come to your site each day and what they are looking at.